The C.S. Lewis Bible

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  • Hardcover
  • 1568 pages
  • The C.S. Lewis Bible
  • C.S. Lewis
  • English
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9780061982088

About the Author: C.S. Lewis

Joy Davidman.

The C.S. Lewis Bible The C.S Lewis Bible Pairs Thought Provoking Meditations From C.S Lewis S Spiritual Writings With Corresponding Passages From The Authoritative NRSV Bible This One Of A Kind Bible For Devotional Reading, Reflection, And Inspiration Is Perfect For Readers Of Lewis S Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, Or His Other Works Of Seminal Christian Writing Fans Of Lewis S Widely Beloved Allegorical Fantasy Series, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Will Love This Chance To Engage With The Author S Deeply Spiritual Side After Reading Favorites Like The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe And The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

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10 thoughts on “The C.S. Lewis Bible

  1. Deann Alford says:

    I was skeptical of yet another this or that Bible waiting for somebody to come out with Scripture for cat lovers or a Dorcas edition for folks into sewing but this is what I read before bed The excerpts from Lewis books, letters, etc, prove insightful and valuable I actually acquired this book when I learned of a promo via Douglas Grisham s Twitter feed But it s been surprisingly good and I recommend it to others.

  2. Andrew Murch says:

    As a daily Bible reader and a C.S Lewis admirer, this book combines a couple of my favorite things The entire text of the NRSV is contained in this book, so it is a regular Bible I might categorize it as a Bible , in that it includes hundreds of Lewis references There are sidebars, footnotes, and quotes contained in the pages alongside the biblical text, Lewis references that deal with the subject, character, or specific text at hand I like the format I have attempted to use this Bible as my daily reading Bible a few different times, but I think the NRSV translation leaves a little to be desired I ve made it through the first half a couple of times, and I do enjoy the Lewis references, but the translation is less than optimum in my view.

  3. Julie Davis says:

    I ve never understood the enthusiasm for study Bibles on a single theme or with a single person s commentary Obviously, they are popular because you can see them everywhere When this Bible came to my attention, I blanched However, it seems as if 2014 is fast becoming my year of C.S Lewis as I work my way through his books in audio format So I took a closer look on where I found Brandon Vogt s review, which I encourage you to read I trust Brandon s judgment a lot from having read his blog His thoughtful comments also showed that he, too, was leery of this sort of study bible He pointed out that, with care, one can view such a work as having midrash available on scripture and that opened up another way to consider it.I m not crazy about the NRSV translation but that is a matter of personal taste admittedly Catholics will note that this is a Protestant Bible and so has fewer books than a Catholic Bible would The committee who put this together does seem to have done an impressive job of carefully matching Lewis s comments in the appropriate spot without overdoing it It is definitely a Bible first and foremost, with occasional C.S Lewis comments from a wide variety of sources It quickly became a favorite morning read.I do want to mention that except for the cover, this book is a work of beauty The typesetting, format, and overall look are gorgeous The cover well, you can see that for yourself Nothing can make it anything except ugly But once the cover is opened, the interior is beautiful This is the book that proves the old adage Don t judge this book by its cover.

  4. C.S. Mize says:

    I struggle with finding the Bible boring or being overwhelmed with what it is saying verses what is culturally influenced either in scripture or in my own heart Overall, I find it easy to put the Bible down, and instead pray or find a book by someone like C.S Lewis reflecting on the Bible in a way I just honestly understand better.For me, Lewis is one of the best minds to walk down the path of joy, of pain, and or of grief with I often turn to his books in time of heavy life events or serious reflection I find truth in his words, and it is very clear that Lewis not only cared very deeply about his relationship with God, but that he was an interesting, wise man Why wouldn t I want all of those things with me when opening my Bible This is one of two Bibles I genuinely like and take refuge in I feel it s an interesting Bible with unique subtexts and excerpts tied in, but not so much so that it is drawing me away from the original text.

  5. Devin Berglund says:

    I absolutely love this Bible I love C.S Lewis and it s cool how throughout the Bible are small snippets from his books, notes, and even letters Kind of a neat way to study the Bible with someone you look up to.

  6. Kay says:

    The C S Lewis BibleI have read many of Lewis s books I love his insight and the way he explains his understanding of God s Word Reading the Bible through the year with Lewis s notes was inspiring.

  7. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Skimmed through I quite like the idea and am indebted to this volume for finding some real gems of quotations, but was disappointed to not find , and think it could have some gripping selections Still, to each his own.

  8. Deanne Tanner says:

    Brilliant biblical reflections in his letters to people including J R R Tolkien both of which served in the trenches in the First World War and placed by the relevant scripture Brilliance total Brilliance.

  9. Stephen Bedard says:

    This NRSV Bible is filled with comments and observations from the writings of C.S Lewis This is not a study Bible but it is a great tool for devotional reading I loved it

  10. Angel says:

    Lewis s writings are well placed throughout and are a great enhancement to the scriptures.