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  • Holy Bible
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  • English
  • 24 March 2017
  • 9780195294088

About the Author: Anonymous

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Holy Bible This Acclaimed Translation Is A Revision Of The Best Selling New English Bible Compiled By A Committee Representing All Major Churches, The REB Is Praised For Its Modern Style And Accuracy It Is Regarded As The Most Eloquent And Literary Translation Available.

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10 thoughts on “Holy Bible

  1. Nicholas Whyte says:

    return return return First off, I don t think I actually would recommend reading the Old Testament or indeed the Bible through from start to finish as I did It wasn t written or compiled to be read in that way, and it doesn t do the text any services to read as if it were a novel, a short story collection, or a book of essays and meditations I chose this approach because I wanted to feel that I had control of what I was reading, and that I was not missing anything, but if you want to get a fair flavour of it, it s probably better to follow one of the many reading guides available online and elsewhere, which are designed both to showcase the good bits and to keep the reader interested return return Second, a lot of it is pretty dull, actually 2 Chronicles in particular comes close to Mark Twain s description of the Book of Mormon, as choroform in print Large chunks of the Pentateuch are lists of laws and, even less exciting, census returns The historical bits have an awful lot of tediously horrible ethnic cleansing and dynastic struggle, leavened by the occasional good bit the Saul David Solomon succession in particular The prophets are rather indistinguishable in tone of outrage I recommend finding some way of skipping the dull bits return return Third, the good bits are indeed good I ve singled out the Book of Job in a previous post I found the Psalms generally inspiring and uplifting, and I ve always been a fan of Ecclesiastes The narrative histories, which I thought I knew fairly well, still had some surprises for me in Numbers 12, God smites Moses sister with leprosy for racism towards Moses black wife, for instance There are some fun bits in the prophets Jonah, and the deuterocanonical addenda to Daniel Susanna, and Bel and the Dragon I also rather liked Sirach, aka Ecclesiasticus, which again is deuterocanonical And 2 Maccabees is a fairly lucid, if brutal, historical note to finish on return return Fourth, there were indeed a few themes running through the entire OT whose importance I hadn t perhaps fully grasped the importance of God s endowing his people with the land, the importance of the cult of the Temple, and the trauma of the Babylonian exile which of course shaped most of the text we have very directly I m not saying that these are the only or even the main main themes, but that these are the ones whose importance was enhanced for me by reading through the entire thing return return As for the New Testament it falls rather naturally into three sections The Gospels and Acts are among the most readable narratives in the Bible the most striking things are that the three synoptic gospels are so very close to each other, leaving John as the outlier, and that Luke s better Greek prose style comes through in almost any translation of his gospel and Acts I am also struck every time that the Feeding of the Five Thousand is the only miracle other than the Resurrection reported in all four gospels return return I was much less familiar with the various epistles They are not as easy to read as the gospels, combining as they do advice on local disputed, personal salutations, declarations about correct practice and belief, and attempts to put words on the ineffable Hebrews in particular is an attempt at a theological manifesto avant la lettre I was struck by how hardline Paul is, particularly in the early letters, on the issues that hardliners still stick to today, and also on the question of justification by faith but there is a significant counterbalance from some of the later letters, especially 1 Peter which seems to be a direct response in some ways And the Epistle of Jude seems strangely familiar after 2 Peter ch 2 return return Finally, Revelation is the most Old Testament y of the New Testament books There is nothing like the letters in the Old Testament, and the gospels and Acts are quite different in style from the OT historical books Again, Revelation is an attempt to express in words that which cannot be expressed in words it is clearly not meant to be taken literally, but as one person s attempt to concretise the underlying truths.

  2. David says:

    Top5AllTime As powerful as the Bible is, it amazingly is often taken in unjustly diluted form due to its usual and practical piecemeal presentation for the purpose of isolated studies and sermons A cover to cover reading opens up a world of appreciation And each repeat tour uncovers new layers and unearths riches overlooked before One never graduates from the Bible There is an unbroken thread that courses through the whole Bible beginning with the presentation of the tragic human condition, continuing with the promise given for the grand rescue and the history of triumph and failure of God s elected nation, and ending with the ministry of Jesus Christ and of the apostle Paul which turned the world upside down All throughout, people of all walks of life are called and inspired by God Simple rustics Prophets, of royal standing like Isaiah or totally lacking pedigree like Amos Kings Tax collectors Fishermen Prostitutes A Pharisee once a zealous persecutor of the early church An exile stranded on an island given a bizarre vision One will stumble upon new precious pearls And one will also hear again the familiar questions which have long echoed through history Am I my brother s keeper And who do you say I am Words fail me here There s nothing I can say but that it changed my life past, present, and future And who can tell what even greater hope lies ahead In the words of the apostle Paul, that which we know only in part, a mere glimpse, has yet to be fully known.

  3. Jacob says:

    I m especially partial to Genesis, Exodus, Judges, and Kings I II I never got around to reading the second half of the book, though I did skip ahead to the ending, and I wasn t disappointed.

  4. John Hanscom says:

    It s the Bible