Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea

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  • Hardcover
  • 308 pages
  • Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea
  • Oscar Gilbert
  • English
  • 23 July 2017
  • 9781932033137

About the Author: Oscar Gilbert

Oscar E Gilbert, PhD, is a former Marine artilleryman and currently a geoscientist living in Texas His previous published works include the widely acclaimed Marine Tank Battles in the Pacific 2001 and Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea 2003.

Marine Corps Tank Battles in KoreaThe Outbreak Of The Korean Conflict Caught America And The Marine Corps Unprepared The Corps Salvation Was The Existence Of Its Organized Reserve An Organization Rich In Veterans Of The Fighting In World War II , The Availability Of Modern Equipment In Storage And, As Always, The Bravery, Initiative, And Adaptability Of Individual Marines.In This Followup To His Enormously Successful Marine Tank Battles In The Pacific Combined Publishing, 2000 , Oscar Gilbert Presents An Equally Exhaustive And Detailed Account Of The Little Known Marine Tank Engagements In Korea, Supported By 48 Photographs, Eight Original Maps, And Dozens Of Survivor Interviews.Marine Corps Tank Battles In Korea Details Every Action, From The Valiant Defense At Pusan And The Bitter Battles Of The Chosin Reservoir, To The Grinding And Bloody Stalemate Along The Jamestown Line Many Of These Stories Are Presented Here For The First Time, Such As The Unique Role Played By Tanks In The Destruction Of The Illfated Task Force Drysdale, How Marine Armor Played A Key Role In The Defense Of Hagaru, And How A Lone Tank Made It To Yudamni And Then Led The Breakout Across The High Toktong Pass.Marine Tankers Individually And As An Organization Met Every Challenge Posed By This Vicious, Protracted, And Forgotten War It Is A Story Of Bravery And Fortitude You Will Never Forget.

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10 thoughts on “Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea

  1. Jonathan says:

    Great collection of memoir s from the Forgotten War and from the tanker side of things on top of that Good insight into just how unprepared for Korea we really were and the suffering it caused the average man on the ground Great writing all around.

  2. Fredrick Danysh says:

    In the literary world the Korean War is often overlooked since it so closely follows on the heels of World War II What is written usually concentrates on infantry or air power This book attempts to look at the roles of tanks as use...

  3. Dave says:

    This book while on a slow decline from the opening chapters skidded to an abrupt halt as just the same point as the actual conflict The sheer irrationality of the Korean War after sliding into a churlish king of the hill pissing contest is amazing, yet depressing too.After the Chosin Resevoir evacuation and the laborious retreat from the Yalu both the US military and it s new chief antagonist, the CCF spend the next two years cashing blood soaked I.O.U s over the same few worthless square miles of terrain ...

  4. Tony Genualdi says:

    This book really fills in a gap for the Korean War buff, or military buff in general The epic struggles from Pusan to Inchon to Chosin are covered in good detail We also get the remembrances of the Marine tankers This is one I recommend highly Semper Fi.