The Korean War (Chronicles of America's Wars)

[ Reading ] ➿ The Korean War (Chronicles of America's Wars) Author Ruth Tenzer Feldman –
  • Hardcover
  • 88 pages
  • The Korean War (Chronicles of America's Wars)
  • Ruth Tenzer Feldman
  • English
  • 01 December 2018
  • 9780822547167

About the Author: Ruth Tenzer Feldman

Ruth is an award winning author of books and articles, mainly for children and young adults Her three companion novelsBlue Thread, The Ninth Day, and Seven Stitchescombine speculative and historical fiction with a time travel twist Blue Thread won the Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Adult Literature in 2012 and was listed by the American Library Association as one of the best feminist book

The Korean War (Chronicles of America's Wars)

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    The lovely rise of the moon is interrupted by the sound of gunfire You can hear men yelling, but yelling what You can t tell it s in Korean, in Korea, during the Korean War Imagine Korea, divided into two parts, a North and a South When we look at a world map or globe, we see that the Korean peninsula is already divided into two separate countries but how did that come to be The book Korean War by Ruth Tenzer Feldman paints the picture quite nicely This book explains not only the Korean War, but also how and why the war broke out in the first place with other side facts here and there It explains how other countries such as Russia, China, U.S, and Japan were involved and what the roles of important military leaders such as General Douglas MacArthur and other equally important political figures were This book is a very easy and small book and yet it still has so much information The book is small enough and easy and simple enough for anyone starting from age 9 to read and still has enough spicy, juicy and useful information like Kimchee it can be used even in high schools The book also has a lot of fun facts and maps to give clear visuals of what each side North and South Korea accomplished and lost during the War This book is definitely a great book to read to just get some facts into your head or as some kind of time passer byer In the book, it explains many important leaders such as General Douglas MacArthur and why he was such a big deal of importance in the Korean War Of course there are many people that were important in the War and that are mentioned in the book as well It also explains how other countries had an impact on the Korean War and it describes the battles and people in such a way that sounds both easy and informational These characteristics are important in every non fiction book and this one does a great job of portraying them The simple yet meaningful word choices instill ingenuity to the book and fill many characteristics needed to have a well rounded non fiction book.